Installing Replacement Windows? Why You Should Consider Installing Double-Hung Windows

24 September 2019
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If you are installing replacement windows for your home, you have many options available to you. One of these options is double-hung windows. There are many benefits to choosing this type, three of which are listed below.

Friendly for Your Home

Double-hung windows are very friendly in that they can accommodate window screens, as well as window air conditioners. This is because these windows do not only slide down, but they can also slide up. This way you can slip up the window when you need to install something, such as a screen or air conditioner. You can also remove the air condition or screen very quickly if you want to.

Offers Versatility

Double-hung windows can offer you great versatility. For example, you can find them made in different materials, such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Because wood can be expensive, these windows are also available in faux wood. They are also available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. This will allow you to choose windows that go well with the exterior of your home, as well as the décor inside of your home. 

Saves Money

You can save money on your monthly electric bill if you install double-hung windows. This is because air does not escape out of your home, and air from the outside does not enter inside your home. This will allow your HVAC unit to run normally instead of running a lot more to keep the temperature maintained in your home due to escaping air. You do have to make sure the windows are measured correctly, and the contractor can double or even triple the amount of weather stripping that is used around the windows to make them even more energy efficient.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning windows can be difficult especially if you live in an area that requires you to clean them a lot. With double-hung windows you will not have to worry about this because they are much easier to clean. This is because both the upper and lower sashes will tilt out. This will allow you to clean the interior window, as well as the outside of the window without you having to go outside. This means you can clean the windows much faster, and they are easier to keep clean throughout the year. You can also find double-hung windows that allow you to remove the sashes to make cleaning the windows much easier. 

The windows contractor that you hire can give you much more information about double-hung window installation so you can make the best informed decision.