4 Times A Glass Deck Railing Is Appropriate

12 November 2019
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When it comes to determining if a glass deck railing is the right choice for your deck, you need to assess the situation in order to figure out if a glass railing is the best choice for your deck. 

Reason #1: You Have a Great View You Want to Enjoy 

If you have a great view that you want to enjoy, installing a glass railing makes sense. With a glass railing, you can enjoy all the different angles and views from your porch. Your view will not be impeded at all with a glass railing like it would with a wood or metal fence. Glass railings are made with strong tempered glass, so you can enjoy a safe and beautiful view. 

Reason #2: You Want to Enjoy Some Privacy 

Glass railings can actually provide you with some privacy as well. You don't have to get clear glass for your railing. Instead, you can get frosted glass panels. Frosted glass panels provide a level of opacity, which can help give you some privacy. You can also use only frosted glass panels on the side of your deck that you share with your neighbors.  

Reason #3: You Don't Want to Deal with Extra Maintenance 

When it comes to low-maintenance railings, glass railings are often the best choice if you want to reduce the amount of maintenance required for your railings. With a glass railing, all you really need to do is rinse off your glass with your garden hose, and occasionally take a squeegee and some bio-degradable soap to clean up your railing. 

When it comes to other railing options, they require a lot more care. Wood railings need to be stained in order to protect them, which can be a very messy and time-consuming task. Metal railings also require an additional protective coating and for you to be on alert for rust.  

If you want a low-maintenance railing option, glass railing is a great choice for your deck. 

Reason #4: You Live Somewhere with Cold Weather 

If you live somewhere with cold weather, glass railings are actually a great option. Both wood and metal railings can experience changes due to extreme temperature changes that can require repairs. Glass railings, on the other hand, are not impacted by severe weather changes. That means you don't have to worry about cracking wood or warping metal when you live somewhere with a cold climate. Glass railing can withstand extreme temperature changes. 

When it comes to determining if a glass railing is right for your home, think about what type of view and privacy you desire and what level of maintenance you are willing to commit to.